60 Seconds of Insane Courage

How often has fear stopped you from grabbing an opportunity to step up and speak, open your own business, or share your message, product, service, or book? The answer, I’m sure, would be too many times. It certainly was for me!

Way back in the ‘Jurassic Period’ – many, many years ago there was an introvert, a very shy introvert, who was about to embark on her journey into the wide world. If you were to mention to that introvert that she would be a business owner and a speaker, she would have laughed at you. So how did I get from that shy introvert to where I am today – still an introvert but not so shy, and a business owner? What lessons have I learned on that journey? How did I have the courage to start my own business?

I would never have started my business if not for my greatest lesson. Believing in myself. It took far too long to understand and accept who I was. Far too long to realise that I had a message, a story, something of value to share with others. Once I believed in myself, it was empowering. It became the foundation of my courage to step up and start a business. Today I celebrate my uniqueness, and I accept who I am. That is part of my business, helping others to own who they are and have the courage to share their uniqueness in their business and with the world.

On my business journey, I have learned the value of what I term 60 Seconds of Insane Courage. It’s something that has helped me to grow, grab opportunities and step outside my comfort zone.

Twenty seconds to acknowledge the negative voices that say, “I can’t do that, I’m not good enough, I don’t have a message, I can’t speak”

Twenty seconds to say STOP and replace the negative with positive ‘I am good, I can speak, I do have a message, I can do this”

Twenty seconds to smile, take a deep breath and say YES. Yes, to starting that business, Yes to stepping up and sharing my message and Yes to grabbing the opportunities that come.

When I look back at my business journey, which started in 2006, I see a journey with many ups and downs. The business I have today is different to the business I started. It has grown and changed according to changes in the economy and my personal direction. It has been a journey that has taught me many lessons and will continue to teach me.

In these few words, I have shared two of my greatest lessons. My question to you is, what has your business taught you? Or are you still to start that business because you have let that fear stop you?

Believe in yourself, take 60s seconds of insane courage, and start now!

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