A Christmas Welcome

A Christmas Welcome

When the veils are thinning
at times of darkness
let there be light
and welcome in all that you thought lost
open your windows
open your doors
open your eyes
open your ears
open your heart
and realise I never did part

Look across the thinning veils

be open with all your senses
and welcome me in

when you think you can’t reach me
when you think all is lost

Look across the thinning veil and see

I am still here
bear witness with joy
all the love
all the tears
all the kindness
all the fears
the good and the bad
the light and the sad

I am still here across the thinning veil

feel yourself hugged
feel yourself supported
feel yourself heard
feel yourself loved.
now and forever

When the veils are thinning
fling open your doors
fling open your windows
and welcome me in.

Christmas is the most cheerful, the most stressful and sometimes the most difficult of times as we are looking around the room for festive activities and finding someone missing from our table.

It is an inevitable fact of life that we eventually shuffle off this mortal coil, leaving behind those who are grieving for us, missing us, and feeling lost without us.

Know this: none of us who have passed through the veil ever want you to suffer, to pine for us or feel despondent and distraught; we want you to think of us, to celebrate our lives, to see yourselves as the ones who carry forth our torches, our hopes and dreams feeling safe in the knowledge that as long as we live on in people’s hearts, our lives have not been in vain.

Remember, we are here, passing through the thinning veil, and you will find us in the whisper of your heart, the gentle breeze lifting your scarf, the flickering light of the candle, the chirp of a winter bird, the white feather gently touching your shoulder, inviting you to take note of us.

Remember, we are not suffering, we are free, we are the light.
At Christmas, find us in the light
behind the thinning veil.

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