Are you ready to live a long life on purpose?

Queen Elizabeth 11 celebrated her 70-year jubilee in 2022; she was a fantastic inspiration and was still serving at 96. Especially when many people are desperate to retire, stop, and not do anything more.

There are so many amazing and inspirational people who continue to serve well into old
age, they state it is because they want to stay active, mentally alert, and socially engaged.
Yet have you considered what will you be doing at age 96, and will you continue to serve a

Dr Alka Patel states that “We live in a time where you can live a million-hour life! It is
already being done!” and to save you the maths, 1 million hours is 114+ years, which
means that mid-life is now nearer the UK retirement age than it has ever been.

But what will you do with this time?

One of the worries many people have, is that they will suffer later in life, as their body,
mind and spirit start to fail them, resulting in them becoming scared and anxious about
the future.

So what can you do to help yourself lead a happy, productive and healthier life as you get

Don’t get me wrong; there are things that you cannot change because, let’s face it, we are
born with a specific set of genetics, and we can’t change our age, albeit some of us
thankfully don’t always act it. Equally we are all born biologically with a particular gender.
All of which impact our bodies and our lives.

There are so many things that are within our control, the lifestyle you live, the purpose
you live your life for, the nutrition you feed yourself, the recovery period you allow
yourself, the time you actually spend moving, and the motivation you put behind that.
These will profoundly affect your physiology, psychology, health, and fitness.

The thing is, you don’t have to wait until old age before you see the benefits of these
changes. The personal and business benefits of concentrating on health and fitness have
significant and tangible results:

• Improving confidence
• Increasing focus
• Boosting in energy
• Enhancing creativity and ideation
• Heightening success

• Advancing stability
• Lowering absenteeism & presenteeism
• Increasing performance
• Improving wellbeing

Each of these has a positive effect on your body, mind and spirit.

Can you imagine what you could do with any and all of these results in your business or
personal life?

If you are a leader, then as you improve and become ever more congruent as your skills
and results increase, you will naturally see that those you lead, and those around you,
develop by association. Which means that by improving yourself, you will also improve

So the question is, do you want to leave your future to chance, or will you make the
change today for yourself and those around you, for the chance of a long, healthy and
even more successful life?

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