Beyond Your Book

How does your author’s journey promote your BRAND and BUSINESS?

Being an author is more than the book you proudly hold in your hand.  Your book reflects your brand, values and mission.  It is vital that you see your authorship as a signal to continue the author’s journey; raise your visibility; become the go-to expert in your field; speak your way to success; and know that springboards, doors and global opportunities are available to support you in growing your business.

What can you do to RAISE YOUR VISIBILITY?

Many authors want to be a #1 Bestselling Author. It is essential for readers to know who you are and what your book is about.  How?  By increasing your visibility.  Become ubiquitous.  Let others see, hear and note who you are through social media.  Blog, do live videos, be interviewed, create podcasts and appear on radio and in magazines, such as Mo2vate.

How do you become the GO-TO EXPERT?

Writing your book creates vision with clarity. You learn to focus on ‘one thing’.  Through the structure and coherence of your book, you become proficient at communicating with impact.  Your words take on a new meaning and the consistent repetition of your message educates, entertains, and empowers your readers to think, say and do differently.  You are a person of influence and can become a go-to expert.


People love hearing stories and have been listening to them for millennia.  When you weave your story, philosophy, and legacy into your book, you awaken a resounding voice whose message echoes into the hearts and minds of audiences.  As an author and speaker, you soon communicate with impact, influence, and inspiration.

How does your book offer you SPRINGBOARDS, DOORS and GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY?

Recently, one of our authors published her long-awaited book that took 8 years of expertise and a lifetime of experience to write.  Her book acted as a springboard and doors of opportunity opened. Connections with new clients, media and interviews revealed themselves.  The visibility she created online lead to an invitation within 72 hours of the book launch to speak as an expert at a global event in Canada in 2021.  This is the power of being an author at work when you embrace the journey.

How does being an author and a speaker GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

Beyond Your Book is the passageway to success.  With great visibility, your face and name are recognisable.  Adopting a multi-sensory approach to communication impacts others when they hear your passionate and purposeful message.  When you embrace this open-minded, positive attitude to Authorpreneurship, it fulfils a purpose and accelerates your business growth.

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