Bulawayo Born Author signed up with Award Winning UK Publishing House

Milton Sithole today announced a new publishing deal with THE BOOK CHIEFⓇ Publishing House. This partnership will create a lot of avenues for collaboration and exposure to the UK market for Sithole who recently relocated to the United Kingdom with his family. Sharon Brown who runs The Book Chief, also runs MO2VATE Media and The Speakers Index which will fit in with the vision Milton is looking to expand upon.

Milton is the founder of Millionz Impact Training Helping millennial entrepreneurs to keep motivated through targeted goal setting strategies, public speaking skills and levelling up with his PROJECT MILLIONAIRE online programs.

Milton says, “This is a major milestone for me as a writer and speaker from Bulawayo. I have always wanted to reach out to a global audience, and this affords me the opportunity to fulfill my goal to help people in the UK and beyond.”

The book, due for release in early 2024 showcases how entrepreneurs and business professionals can break free from complacency in their lives to discover more of their full potential, by pushing self-defeating thinking out of their path.

Sharon, Founder of The Book Chief says, “I am so pleased Milton has come on board as a client. As a company, we are grateful to have Authors from all over the world on our books and Milton has so much drive and potential, that we are excited to travel this path with him to publish this inspirational book and give it as much exposure as we can.”

For further information, please get in touch with Milton Sithole (Millionz Impact Training) at +44 7828 881353 miltnmillionz@gmail.com

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