Caring Is Communicating

Every romantic relationship starts with you and your inner talk. If you are not getting the results you would like in your relationships or know someone who is not, here are the four critical aspects of your communications style to consider:

Prioritise All Your Human Needs

Love. The most important of all the human needs. It is also one of the most difficult to define because people have different views on what love amounts to. I think you can summarise it as ‘a state of connection’. Valuing yourself means recognising that you have basic human needs, like love and relationships with others, but you limit your power if you become too dependent on someone else for your self-worth. The road to self-empowerment and better romantic relationships begins with self-love and acceptance. You can only expect what you are willing to give, so if you know what you want, it is time to start loving yourself and valuing and communicating your basic needs.

Clarity And Communication Of Boundaries

If you want a healthy, loving relationship, being clear about your motives is vital. The more open you are with others, the better the relationship. Being honest about what you need from one another, respecting boundaries, and sharing mutual appreciation is an excellent way to start a meaningful relationship. Committing to a relationship for the right reasons – not simply because you are lonely or desire companionship – can help you establish a healthier connection with someone. Clear communication between partners is crucial to any relationship, so you will want to set boundaries as it begins to stabilise.

Quality Time Together And Apart

A couple needs to have their own space and activities in the relationship, making it easier to detach from one another when they spend every moment together. This will prevent further emotional attachment and emphasise your own identity, so that you can recognise where you end and they start. It also means you will have topics of conversation to discuss and communicate when you spend quality time together. It is great to share experiences with your partner, but it is also important to maintain individual hobbies and interests. This independence will allow you to spend quality time together in the future and avoid being too emotionally tied to finding activities and enjoyment together.

Stay Balanced And Prepared

We all want to be loved. The idea of having someone who cares for us and loves us is an incredible feeling, but the fact is that we can’t rely solely on others to make us happy. Loving someone means you need to love yourself first. Otherwise, you could find yourself overlooked and may end up being dominated by the other person. Finding out what works best for us as individuals is why I focus on my “Personal Power” Personality Test, which reveals relationship and communication strengths and weaknesses that helps you to identify areas that you need to focus on to improve your relationships.

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