Children’s Author tackles the sensitive subject of Depression in a new Early Readers Book

A Staffordshire-born Children’s Author and current NHS worker, Sue Powell is set to captivate young readers again with a heart-warming and thought-provoking new book, “Mixed Veg.” In Sue’s upcoming release, she skilfully weaves an engaging narrative while addressing the important topics of mental health and depression.

‘Mixed Veg’ follows the adventures of a young spud named Tom, who works on a farm with his veggie friends. Tom is changing, and readers are introduced to the delicate subject of how depression and mental health issues are affecting him in an age-appropriate and accessible manner. Sue handles this topic with great sensitivity, aiming to foster understanding and empathy among young readers.

Depression and mental health are significant issues that affect people of all ages, including children. Sue aims to provide a platform for open discussions about emotions and mental well-being by introducing these characters in an early readers’ book. The book encourages children to identify and express their feelings, fostering a supportive environment where they can seek help and support.

‘Mixed Veg’ also incorporates elements of friendship, resilience and inner strength. As Tom encounters various challenges on his quest, they learn valuable lessons about self-care and the importance of reaching out to others and vice versa. Through this engaging tale, Sue hopes to empower young readers and instil a sense of hope and understanding in them.

The Book Chief Publishers, publishing this new book, says, “When first speaking to Sue and understanding her reasons for writing this book, we knew right away it had an important message that needed to be shared. Mental health can hit at any age, and through Sue’s story, young children can learn about this sensitively to fit their age group.”

“Mixed Veg will be available on Amazon from 19th August and in bookstores nationwide. Parents, educators, and caregivers are encouraged to explore this compelling story with children to initiate meaningful conversations about mental health and depression.

For further information, interviews, or to request a review copy, please contact: Sue Powell | | 07963081287

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