Come as You Are

We go through so much of our lives as a shadowy version of ourselves. We show small parts of ourselves in small ways.

We show what we think people want to see. We refer and defer to others who ‘know more than us’. We give just enough, and we censor ourselves all day long for fear of offending someone somewhere. We like, follow, love, care for, and trust others far more than we do ourselves.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, AND we can change it.

Reading this, you have an opportunity to tune in to how you are operating, your behaviours, your actions, reactions, and responses. You have time to see how you are showing up, where you are holding back, and ask yourself why?

Afraid of offending someone with the truth?

Nervous about how people will see you?

What will they think of you if they see all of you, the dark parts and the light shiny parts?

Worried about what you might lose if you said what you truly meant and meant what you truly said?

What are you willing to lose to become all of yourself?

What might you gain by being all of yourself?

Do you even know what and who all of yourself is?

You probably do, but it scares you.

The bigger question is:

What would you think of yourself if you harnessed all your parts, the ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly,’ and then put them all on display?

The perceived ‘bad’ parts of you like: laziness, you’re not a 5 a.m. riser, you’re not as successful as you tell people online, you haven’t paid a bill or 3, you have a temper, you don’t clean your house as often as you think you should, you don’t actually like being around people all the time, you feel like you can’t say how you feel in case you get judged, but you really don’t care about people, but you do, but you don’t …the turmoil and exhaustion of caring about what others think about you is intense.

The list of perceived ‘bad’ things is endless. The things we have been taught to believe should be kept under wraps because they are not the perfect acceptable norms to display in public.

Here’s the truth, all your parts are perfect because they are you!

All your parts are acceptable because they are you.

You give power to your ‘darkness’ BECAUSE you fear it.

The sooner you accept that for yourself, the sooner you stop giving power to other people’s opinions of that darkness and you. Acceptance and acknowledgement of your whole self is the first liberating step to your evolution.

Harness the raw power of all your parts.

Bring it all into the light

Share all of it

Use all of it, and allow the genius that will flow from the full acceptance of all of yourself to be the thing that gives you everything you dreamed of and so much more.

So, are you ready for that?

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