Cystitis, Thrush or Vulva Cancer?


Have you heard of Vulva Cancer?

Well, 7 years ago I was diagnosed with it, I was 59 and the youngest to be diagnosed! It’s called “the old ladies disease” as it used to occur in very old ladies only.

How did I get diagnosed?

This is really important, so keep reading…….

For two years I’d been self medicating for cystitis and Thrush. It became a living hell as the gaps in between each episode got shorter. The crunch came when I spotted weeping lesions inside the Vulva, after a particular nasty bout of itching! If you’re not sure what the Vulva is, it’s the fleshy bits surrounding your vagina.

I got an emergency appt. at the docs and I knew it was serious, by her face. She immediately got on the phone and made me an appt. (the following week) you could in those days.

Long story short, I was in hospital within 2 weeks having surgery. My case was serious but not life threatening. They scraped all the top layer of my Vulva off. Ooh ya bod, it hurt!

Now, if it had been more serious, worst case scenario, they would have had to have removed everything as in Female Genital Mutilation and be sewed up. Courses of Radiotherapy are then offered.

So, ladies if you are constantly itching, sore, irritated, please don’t be like me, go to your doctor. If it’s painful when weeing or having intercourse, go to see your doctor!

The age range is coming down, so beware, the latest to be diagnosed is 49.

I was fortunate, don’t take your health for granted!

This picture shows the cancer as red, but it is usually white.

Remember, it’s treatable!

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