Dance with your fears

Having a bad day? Accept that.

To be human is to be both anxious and sunny. 

There will be times in your life when it makes sense to do some deep inner work. Take those opportunities when you can. 

There will be times when you will accept your shadow and your daily habits will be on point.

There will be times when you will step fully into your power. 

There will be times when stress catches up with you and even your favourite person annoys you.

There will be times when you lose someone you love, and you will be wrecked for months. 

There will be times when you wish you did not have to deal with being human. 

And it is all OK. 

Learning to embrace dark emotions gave me not only a significant reduction in my anxiety, but an ability to experience the joys of life more fully, ability to handle life’s challenges. Being a therapist, I have seen some tremendous healing with my patients as they have learned to embrace their difficult emotions.

Nothing succeeds like excess, we are told. If a little of something is good for us, then more must be better.

The time has come to re-examine these assumptions. When we do that, it becomes clear that sometimes the price we are paying to think and live in this way is far too high. The structure of how we live our lives is badly in need of renovation and repair.

My advice to you:

Go and look in the mirror

Stop for a moment

Gently put your hands to your heart

Deep breath in

Let it all out

Slowdown that urgency

Step away from the fear

Tell your body it is safe 

Step into your power

Dance with your fears

You will cope today

You will live with intent

You will be open to the perfect timings

Open to opportunities

Open to money

Open to impact

You are powerful

Infinitely creative

Flawed and beautiful

Inspiring and imperfect

You are ready.

Deep breath in

Let it all out

And when you find a step or a suggestion that excites you, experiment with it. See if it opens you and makes you happier. If so, keep working with it. If not, let it go. Replace the anxiety with excitement.

When you find emotions like anxiety, fear, reluctance, or disgust, approach with curiosity. Ask yourself why you experience such a strong reaction. Name it! Instead of allowing intense emotion to hit you hard, use curiosity and patience to feel through it.

Let your strong emotions be your guides.

Now go do the thing you know is so important for you to do. Even if it is just one tiny imperfect step towards it. 

Feel the energy within your body. 

Feel that power within your body.

Feel that excitement within your body.

Feel the curiosity and the hunger for knowledge within your body.

I believe in your magnificent, magical spirit!… Now, it is time to get moving!

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