Ditch the Doubt and Jump All In 

Starting a business is a big decision. Making the decision is a journey in itself. A long winding one with unexpected twists and turns, where every baby step counts. It becomes a journey of self-discovery on so many levels. Armed with self-awareness, a deep understanding of your skills, and most of all a stubbornness to follow your passion, is a good starting point to make that leap of faith.  

Learning from your past 

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Wise words from Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), a Danish philosopher, remind us how you can use your past to take the right steps into your future. I left the corporate world in January 2019 after working for the same company for almost 18 years. I’d been on a regular payroll for 20+ years. Today I can still feel both the fear and excitement which gripped me as I started my new chapter. A recent LinkedIn message from a former colleague congratulated me on following my dream to become a coach. I had forgotten my dream birthed more than a decade ago.

Small steps create the best foundation

Your dream becomes a reality through baby steps accumulated over the years. Sometimes you take steps without knowing where they will lead you. A Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Master qualification in 2009 opened my door to personal development and armed me with coaching tools. A decade later a redundancy round opened a new door. Many baby steps in between had filled my bag of experience with coaching and two recognized coaching qualifications. 

The universe has your back

Sometimes life gets in the way. I live life with a hearing loss and found myself struggling more and more. In 2018 I got a cochlear implant (CI) which totally changed my life and opened a door to sound. I can now talk on the phone and hear the birds sing. Sometimes timing is everything and it’s perfectly orchestrated by the universe. Trust in life.

Embrace lifelong learning 

Learning the art of running a business, finding your niche, and growing your network organically is a process. Learn with and from others. There’s always someone a step ahead ready to share knowledge and words of wisdom. But beware, comparison is the thief of joy. 

Don’t go it alone

When you make a radical change in your life, change who you hang out with. Literally! This includes what you read, watch and listen to too. Being part of the right communities (online or offline) is so important. Although be quick to move on, if a network doesn’t work for you, burning no bridges. There are some things you can’t fast forward or outsource. Building your (personal) brand is one of them. Finding your voice, discovering your WHY and telling your story with pride is part of this journey. 

Are YOU ready to jump all in? Ditch the doubt and do it your way. That’s the best advice I received.

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