Do it like no-one cares!

The liberating feeling of not worrying what anyone thinks is a hard thing to achieve. As a society we are told to aim high. ‘Be the best’, or set the bar high, pushing people to do more with their lives, achieve more, a driving force that can cause so much worry and stress. When you let go of all inhibitions you can achieve great happiness and mental wellbeing, because it doesn’t even matter how good you are, you experience a serotonin boost with no outcomes attached.

Many people these days are brought up with the belief that if you do something you have to do it ‘well’ to be successful. I truly believe that if you can sing, dance or paint without a care in the world, and you are enjoying yourself, that is success, enjoying those childlike qualities we have often grown apart from. The focus on having something as an end result, that either sounds or looks good, has in many instances created more mental health problems than just allowing people to let it all go, and just ‘be’ in the moment. 

A perfect example of this is an ingenious brand known as the ‘Tuneless Choir’ – which was founded in 2016; they are quoted as saying – we encourage those who LOVE singing but lack the ability, practice, or confidence to do so, to find a place they could express themselves, without worrying how they sound. Open to all ages and abilities, their members are, in many cases, those who have already realised that in life, what anyone else thinks really isn’t important. They express themselves freely, their endorphins flow, and what’s more fascinating is that many of those who crowd round to watch at public events (yes, they are allowed out in public) seem to enjoy them all the more for having so much fun.

It often has me wondering if the famous artists such as Turner, Da Vinci, or Picasso started out their careers worrying about what everyone would think of their work. Such creative energy can’t always be harnessed to order, and the pressure of ‘getting it right’ can plague so many folk.

As with so many experiences in life, when we let go of our expectations and just enjoy the moment, we can curate or enjoy something wonderful, appreciating all that is good about it, with no burden around the attainment of perfection (whatever that is).

Embracing this art of expression, especially when it makes you feel good, and spreads joy to those around you is super simple, affordable, and accessible to all. So go now and find the thing that lights you up – do it today. 

Do it like no-one cares, you will feel so much better for it.

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