Elevator Pitch to Passion Pitch Getting Back to Networking

Are you ready? 

Ready, to get back into the world of face-to-face networking?

Have you missed it?

Those awkward moments speaking to a stranger. Wondering if you are making a good impression or have, they drifted off into their own world. 

How do you make that amazing pitch, that first impression that lasts for longer than the meeting? How do you ensure your pitch is more memorable than the bacon butty and hot coffee that is on offer?

The answer is easy.

Forget about your Elevator Pitch. Yes really, we are British, we don’t get in elevators – we get in a lift. We certainly don’t start a conversation in said elevator and we don’t blow our own trumpet telling our life story. So why have we engaged for so long in the networking theory that we need an elevator pitch, when elevators and speaking in them causes a discord in our psyche. 

Swap that elevator pitch to your passion pitch.

You love your business; you are eager to speak about how you work and who you work with. What you have to offer and how you can help. Do it with passion. 

I used to dread going to networking, formal or informal, it was always the sixty seconds pitch that took a lifetime to get around the table. Waiting for my turn I would only be half listening as everyone followed the same format.



Who they serve 

Who they want to meet.

Name (again) 

Business (again) 

I am a life coach and there are lots of us around. The pitches were bland and uninviting. 

After gaining experience in public speaking, I began to gain confidence and to create pitches that were fun, informative, gained attention and always received positive feedback with connections made. People would pay attention, really listen, and make notes about what I was saying, rather than be thinking about their pitch or if anyone would notice a second bacon butty being consumed. 

I soon created “Elevator Pitch to Passion Pitch”. A way of bucking the trend of the 60 second pitch.  Creating engaging and informative pitches that can be used for speed networking or a spotlight. 

Here are my Top Five Tips to ensure your pitch has passion and personality. 

1 Create the outline of a few pitches. This ensures you always keep it fresh, and relevant. Even if people know you, this avoids being repetitive. 

2 Respect the audience. Stand up smile and engage, avoid reading from notes. That paper aint going to buy your services. 

3 Slow down. It’s not a race, breathe and speak clearly. 

4 Split your pitch into 3 sections. The Hook – The Body – The Finale CTA

5 Never start a pitch with your name. Controversial I know!

It does take time and effort. A well-constructed and thought out pitch with the format honed down can be used for 60 seconds or a 20 minute spotlight. 

Return to networking with passion, I dare you.

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