Energy & Curiosity – The Tools of Divination

As an Intuitive Channel, when I read tarot and oracle cards for my clients or general energy messages on my YouTube channel, I have found it beneficial to use both cards.  The use of cards as divination tools spans centuries. Tarot has an expansive set of meanings many people spend years learning to interpret based upon the original ideologies. Oracle decks do not hold to a specific structure, and the interpretations come from the artist or intuitive channel that produces them. Tarot and Oracle decks are all instruments of energy exchange. By handling decks, you call forward a reflection of energy in terms of messages, signs, and symbols. Intuitive language is about your willingness to see your energy reflected in the world around you. 

This, in turn, opens you up to see the potential available. I have always been curious, but not just about the things I could see, smell, touch, and taste.  It was always more about the whispers, the feelings, the knowing when something was there, but no one acknowledged it. 

I read all cards intuitively. For me, the visual cues on the cards tap into my intuition. These cues ignite the feelings and other senses for me to read the energy.

To provide the messages, I choose decks based on a personal sense of resonance. Resonance is all about feelings; we are all born with the blessing of feelings. The amazing part about feelings is that they speak only to you directly. The language of your energy comes through in many ways; it is those sensations in your body, that instinctual knowing, that nagging voice that will not allow you to stop thinking about something. It is that reoccurring dream or situation.

All of this is you getting your attention.  It is your intuition saying HEY! You are asking yourself to be curious. Curiosity is about being open to patterns, choices, and something bigger than what is in front of you. 

This is not about judging yourself or the experience, but rather looking deeper at what is going on. Your ability to affect and be affected by the people who enter your life, whether for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, is just one of the amazing qualities about you that draws others to you.

We grow because of experiences and not despite them. These are opportunities to appreciate our uniqueness. While striving for peace, love, and contentment is natural, how would you know that is what you are experiencing if you had never struggled, felt sadness, or endured chaos? Life is messy, but, in the messiness, I found some of the most beautiful hearts and connections. I encourage you to follow your curiosity because it is your map of life’s greatest treasures.

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