Focus Will Get You There

I woke up one day all sweaty (no it was not a menopausal hot flash). I was dreaming vividly about traveling. Not about exotic countries and wonderful destinations, it was rather a nightmare of being lost in a labyrinth of small and narrow streets and passages. Each one had a fork-like junction, so I had to choose which path to take. It was a tough choice, because how would I know which one is right? Neither looked appealing and both were very similar. Applying  reason only, did not feel right so I used my intuition to choose the one I felt would be for me. Making a choice like that left me anxious and almost immediately regretting my decision. Have you ever felt like that? Yeah, quite a common feeling.

I am not sure about you, but I had the strangest dreams in this pandemic. I think the lack of real and varied experiences allowed my brain to almost create an alternative world for me to have some fun. 

I started my business in August 2019 after quitting my career in corporate after 15 years. Little did I know what was coming in 2020, well nobody knew. I started well with the first client in September and then others followed later. I also did successful cooking workshops and supper clubs. However, it was not how I imagined it. I thought I would have a constant flow of clients who want to invest their time and money into their health. The feast and famine cycle is well known in the coaching industry, where you have dry periods without any potential clients. Nobody knows you, and your message is not consistent because you lack clarity and want to try what works. You probably spend around 70% of your time in marketing and 30% coaching – not something you want to do as a Coach.

I tried a lot of different things, but the key was to understand what kind of lifestyle I want to have? What do I want to do in this business? How do I want to work and with whom? It took me some time to get that clarity. A lot of us want to do great things, help people, and earn a good living. However, it is hard to understand your own self-limiting beliefs, as well as balancing your lifestyle and demands of the family, with your dream to be more and do more in this world, without detriment to your own health.

It is about choosing the path you feel most connected to. It may not be the best looking, but your intuition never lies. Through all this time I repeated to myself, “stay in your lane”, which was not easy as the pandemic hit. One path will definitely take you faster to your destination, but it does not mean that you cannot stop and look around, reflect, and rethink. It is all about the journey.

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