From changing businesses to transforming lives

Picture this 2014, 5 years into running my own business, helping my clients worldwide 

implement their 7 – 10 figure business transformations – a devoted husband and father to my loving, highly supportive family. 

Just imagine you take your family away on holiday in Orlando, Florida, over Christmas only to be told you couldn’t take your children on rollercoasters because you couldn’t fit in the seats! 

I was 24 stone/154kg with symptoms – aches/pains, lower back problems, trouble breathing,  I tried to change – getting a gym membership, personal trainer, downloaded diet plans, walked 10,000 steps/day, tracked calories, aiming to eat less, move more. If a calorie deficit is good, then a bigger one should gain a faster result, right? 

None of these worked. The gym membership and PT went unused because of client 

deadlines or issues or not being in the city, county, or country, which would mean I wasn’t 

available. The only thing that happened regularly was 10,000 steps per day as I shuffled 

around offices between meetings. 

On business trips, I had an excuse to join in, build rapport, make change happen, attend 

fantastic dinners, not to mention drinks. 

I tried Karate with my daughter, kickboxing with friends, alongside countless diets. I joined accountability groups; I even created an accountability group! I paid thousands to gain results, yet nothing stuck. Nothing could marry my commitment to my family, friends, or clients with losing weight. 

Until the world’s leading online physique and lifestyle consultant said to me, “You have to 

make this one of your highest values for your change to succeed.“ Does that mean I have to put myself before everything else? I had to pin my highest value to my change.

I signed up for a professional custom personal training and nutrition plan tailored to my body. I set out my reasons, built a plan, running it like any incredible transformations I had successfully delivered. Fitting them into my already rammed schedule, learning how to adapt, so they work wherever I was, whether a luxury gym in Dubai, rooftop gym in Prague, basement gym in Bucharest, or local gym near my home. In 12 weeks, despite being away from home for 8 of them, I’d dropped over 22lb! 

Another 7kg/15lb down over 3 months! 

My suits didn’t fit like a young kid playing dress-up with his dad’s clothes. I had to start 

replacing my wardrobe regularly. People I’ve known for years pass me by as they don’t recognise me. I dropped 40kg/88lb in 1 year, despite travel, client engagements, and COVID lockdowns. 

Would you agree that sometimes you have to put yourself first? Be selfish to be selfless! 

I’m no longer just existing in life for others. Now I’m living my life for myself. Capable of 

cycling for miles, I can perform handstands again. Not sure when that will come in handy for meetings. Yet feeling reinvigorated certainly does. 

Now, I love doing nothing more than helping others achieve their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

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