From Non Believer to Teacher

Hello, I’m Jackie and I want to share with you, my journey and how I got from being a Non-Believer to Teacher. 

It started in 2004 while I was working as a Manager for American Express Travel in Sheffield and let’s just say I didn’t have a Spiritual bone in my body – or at least I didn’t think I had. I had most things, good job, good salary, a lovely house, a nice car, but it just always felt as if there was something missing. 

In May 2004 I was driving up to my sister’s in Carlisle in my new car and I was in the fast lane of the M6 when I lost control. I span over across the whole three lanes of the motorway and landed in a ditch. Remarkably there was not a scratch on me! No other car was involved which was very surprising on a Friday night. The car was a total write off, the police said that I’d had two blow out and that’s what caused the accident. 

I had a deep feeling that something or someone had been looking out for me that night and had ensured that neither I, nor anyone else was harmed.

I spiralled into depression as I tried to work out who I was and what I was doing. I had some very raw emotional things to process after the accident, every time I thought about it, I would start to cry. One of the girls at work told me she knew somebody who might be able to help, so I decided to take a chance and go and see her. 

She opened the door, dressed all in white, and I remember her telling me how she’d manifested her dog! I thought, what does she mean she manifested a dog? How can you manifest a dog? 

Then she started reading my palm and she declared, “Ooh you’re highly psychic. If you wanted to read Tarot cards you could”.  I said why would I want to do that?!  And she replied, “You’re very spiritual, highly spiritual”. Err I’m not, thought I, mainly because I thought that meant going to church! I’ve since found out that spirituality and church are two completely different things. 

Then she said her pièce de résistance, “you’re a victim of your own thoughts”. How rude, I thought!  Then she carried on, “you know you bring about what you think about, so when you’re thinking negatively, that’s when negative things happen in your life”.  It was like a light bulb had just been triggered in my head – and also like I had been slapped in the face. 

This where my Spiritual journey began and my interest in Law of Attraction, Angels, Manifesting. 

I left American Express and set up my own travel and Spiritual Business.

Fast forward to now and I teach all kinds of Spiritual subjects to many people along with Life and Business Coaching.

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