From Rock Bottom To…

If you’d have been with me on the 10th of December 2015, you’d have been entering a white, square, clean-smelling room that was quite cool and eerie. Covering about a third of the room was a blue shower curtain.

As I pulled back the curtain, there she is. Helen, or Hel as I call her, is my partner. Hel is 5’10”, with short brown hair and a grey streak, that she despises, running from the front to the back of her hair. Hel is full of fun, a real joker, the Ying to my Yang, my rock, my world, Hel is the love of my life.

“Mr Williams, it is now time for you to leave.” It was the voice I didn’t want to hear of an officious-looking Doctor in a three-quarter-length white coat.

You see, we were at the Royal Derby Hospital, and Hel wasn’t being prepared for an operation; she was being prepared for the morgue!

For the next couple of months, I was existing, and the reality was, I was totally ‘rock-bottom’. Not only had I lost the love of my life, but I had also lost my business, as I wasn’t functioning as a human being.

And, if you would have been with me on a February evening in 2016, you’d have been sitting on my black corner sofa, with white walls on either side and a red feature wall in front of you. I know the TV is in the right-hand corner and the bookcase is in the left corner of the room, but this particular evening, I couldn’t see them as the darkness I was feeling inside matched the darkness of this unlit room. I was depressed, lost, lonely and wondering about the point of life.

“I could always jump off the bridge onto the main road; that would be pretty quick, I guess. And you hear of people drinking themselves to death, don’t you? The problem is, I’m not keen on alcohol. I guess it would be easier with a knife, as no one would find me for a while anyway.”

I honestly don’t know what happened next as it is all a blur, it may have been seconds or even minutes, but I have no recollection at all. However, the next thing I knew, I was standing over the kitchen units with a chef’s knife across my wrists.

Deep down, I knew I needed help, but I’m a guy, and guys don’t ask for help, do they?

I searched for answers to help me and tried a few things, but they didn’t help. So, I started putting some strategies in place and found they started to have an impact on me.

So where do you find me now? You find me as a #1 bestselling author, an award-winning Master Coach and a Speaker who has had the pleasure of speaking on four continents worldwide. Helping businesses improve their profits and reduce staff turnover, and busy professionals around the world overcome their challenges and start living life again instead of just existing.

Always remember, wherever you are on your journey, “it is a chapter in your life, and the beauty of it is, ‘you are in charge of the quill’. If you don’t like it, turn the page, and write another chapter.”

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