Gratitude Creates Abundance

Life has changed completely for me during lockdown.  I’ve gone from worrying and hustling in my life and business to a place of peace and ease knowing that I am supported by God.  This is not to say that I’ve never trusted God to look after me but the space I am in now is that of total surrender and reckless abandon knowing that I have someone who can catch me when I fall.  I say thank you to God and people and for things but this is a different kind of saying THANK YOU.  I am talking about practicing gratitude throughout each day.  

You have so many reasons to be grateful, though you may not be aware of it. Practicing gratitude brings you into a space of awareness and intentional living, where you begin to notice and give thanks for everything around you.  It is such a powerful encounter that brings good things into your life, it also makes you notice more and more of things that you already have.

Often the thing that is blocking abundance (whatever that may mean to you) is a lack of gratitude.

In hindsight, who would have thought this time last year that the whole world would be shut down and we would have to be home for six months and not allowed to see families and friends.  For some, it has been a bitter experience and for others it has been a mixed bag of emotions.  It has definitely got many re-ordering their priorities and appreciating things that they would have otherwise taken for granted.

As part of my gratitude practice, I decided to write a Thank You letter to the biggest influences in my life and I wrote to five people highlighting the impact they had on my life. This exercise improved my happiness and wellbeing so much more.  The recipients of the letters were also very happy because we all crave appreciation in one shape or form.

Gratitude changes everything – handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

If you are reading this article, you have a reason to be grateful; you have eyes which enables you to read and admire the beauty of nature.  This year has taught many to be extremely grateful for everything and finding the good in every situation.  A lifestyle of gratitude is not about being grateful once a year but every day.  Also being grateful has to come from a sincere heart.

When you appreciate the good in your life, the good grows.  It takes time and practice to make gratitude a lifestyle but it is worth a try if you are feeling stuck.  Start practicing gratitude by spending 5 minutes to write down three things that you are grateful for every day. 

Remember this, Gratitude connects you with joy and is the best antidote to bitterness, anger and envy.  You can start right now after reading this by saying THANK YOU for what you have rather than moaning about what you don’t have. 

Gratitude improves wellbeing and creates abundance.

Credit: The life-changing power of gratitude by Marc Rekau and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

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