Have the Courage to Share Your Story

Have you ever met someone that from the moment you meet them your life is completely changed? Six years ago, someone shared his story with me, which made a huge impact on how I saw myself and the world.

I lived a life that most people call the ‘American Dream.’ I had immigrated from Africa some years prior; I had worked hard, earned two degrees, had a high-paying job, and was in a good relationship. There was just one problem. I was miserable! I felt empty inside, I was moving through life without a purpose. I was like a zombie, clocking in and out of work each day, coming to life again only after 5pm. I kept asking myself, “Is this it?” I sacrificed a lot to be here (in the U.S.)! I moved away from family and friends and missed special moments, and for what? Just to feel this way?

I didn’t know how to move forward, but standing still was too painful. So one day, I quit my job! No plan, no savings, just a hope that there could be more out there for me.

Soon afterwards, at a retreat, I heard Joe Vitale, whose book was featured in the movie ‘The secret’, tell his story. He had a typical “rags to riches” story about going from homelessness to living the life of the rich and famous. But what caught my ear was his love for books. I learned that even though he was homeless, he would always go to his local library and read book after book. He had a thirst and hunger for knowledge. This really connected with me. I kept agreeing, nodding to whatever he was saying and telling myself inside: ‘Yes! Yes! I feel that same way too!’ Then I learned he’d written over 50 books.

In a flash, I realised I had some books in me too! And I, too, was a writer, just one who didn’t have a book yet. Three months after hearing his story, my first book was complete. It was the most fulfilling accomplishment I’d ever had. I never knew I could write a book, let alone in only three months. This opened my mind to a world of possibilities, so I kept writing more.

One day, someone shared a piece of wisdom: “If you can achieve a goal by yourself, then you’re not thinking big enough.” That stuck with me. That is when I realised that writing a book is impactful, but helping others write their book can make ten times the impact! So, that’s what I do now. I help people who want to share their knowledge and expertise through a book so they can build authority in their field and share their message of empowerment.

If Joe Vitale had kept his story to himself, I wouldn’t be here now. And if he hadn’t inspired me, none of my clients would have their books making a difference either. Have the courage to share your story because you never know whose life you may impact.

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