Honest, Amazing & Synchronized

Today I decided not to sleep.

Instead I lay down on my bed looking through the window and contemplating the darkness of the night. I was curious about the process between the dark and the light – what happens when I am sleeping? I wanted to observe the magic of nature, the moon goes down and the sun comes up. Two hours before the light starts to come in the horizon, the sky looks darker than before, leaving you with a small sense of despair that the bright light might never come. 

Suddenly, there it is! Far, but close to my eyes, one of the most honest, amazing and synchronised shows on Earth. The sun is now shining bright and high in the sky, half of the world is still sleeping, but that doesn’t stop it shining every day, even behind the clouds on a rainy day. 

Like a king in the skies, he knows his place, he owns it, he doesn’t compete with the Moon as he knows they have different functional abilities. One is Dark and the other is Light. The Moon takes you to sleep and the Sun wakes you up. However, they are both ‘honest, amazing and synchronised’ in their functions. 

As I contemplated this phenomenon of nature, I came to the realisation of myself.

I am on that point of despair between the darkness and the waiting for the light. The Universe might know that I am two hours away from shining, but my anxiety makes me doubt it. 

I have been the Moon for so long. I lived in darkness, but I still managed to shine at times, occasionally or on a full Moon. During those times, I tried to be honest, amazing, and synchronized in my functions and within my capabilities. However, people didn’t acknowledge it –  you see, people only notice the Full Moon at times when the sky is pitch dark. Just then, they appreciate its beauty. Figuratively speaking, you need to take someone’s light in order for yours to shine. I am not like that. 

You give yourself to a job, to a relationship, to your normal day to day life, but things always look so stuck, so evasive, and frustrating. When in your darkness moment; you dream and you ambition, but things always go in slow motion. 

Suddenly, you decide to ask the Universe for a break and freedom in your life – and there it is! The light in the horizon, the brightness – the Sun. 

Others might still be asleep while I am trying to shine up there in the skies, but I am not asking for permission, I am also not imposing. I just know that I am a Queen and that my place is up there, and if all I do is Honest, Amazing and Synchronised with the Universe, my light should keep me warm and secure in the pursuit of my freedom! No competitions… just different functionalities… but all HONEST, AMAZING and SYNCHRONISED.  

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