How Comedy can Benefit your Business 

Laughter is a sign of pleasure, and so it follows that if you and your contacts are seen laughing, then it is likely that they are enjoying the moment. Whether we are talking about clients, customers, or staff, we all need to be happy to improve the process for all concerned. 

But we are not all comedians, so how can we engender that feeling in our daily lives? I can only tell you how I do it, so sit back, and enjoy this short guide to “living a happy business life“. 

I am an optimist, but in viewing my world, what I notice are the differences I see. I try to make my business different by encouraging individuality. I always go the “extra mile” for my customers and clients, but unless they notice or are recommended to me, they will not see the differences and, therefore, not gain the benefits. 

Therefore the question becomes, “ how can I get noticed”, and for me, the answer is Social Media Plus Comedy.  

I train for this with a charity, that puts me on stage with many others, doing stand-up comedy. Very brave, you might think, and yes, it is a challenge. But people can watch me, I can publicise the event, I can post about it at regular intervals, and I can enjoy the period leading up to the night. Additionally, it will raise money for a Charity I care about, Cancer Research UK, and they, in turn, will support me on this mission. Along with all of these benefits, I gain one more, credibility! People perceive me as approachable, fun, trustworthy and reliable, all attributes I want to see associated with my business. Life is not about being in business just for money, it is about the impact we can have on the lives of others. Comedy gives me an edge many others do not have, so my comedy is popular and good for business. 

But comedy is a two-edged sword, it can harm you if not handled correctly. It is not helpful if it makes you look funny in a stupid kind of way. This is why it must be done well, and why I train for it. The process is hard to master (if it were easy, everybody would do it), but the returns are huge. Coupled with a Social Media campaign, designed to show that your ambition is not just to be funny but to raise money for a much-respected charity, the result is a win-win. 

My charity is Cancer Research UK, in memory of my dad Lesley Reed and my best friend, Alan Bird, who lost his battle late in 2020.

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