How to BOSS your Podcast

Want to podcast but have no idea how to start?

I admit that I stumbled into podcasting about three years ago when encouraged to sign up for an expensive studio package from a business contact. I was understandably nervous and grateful for the technical handholding from the studio, and quickly found I enjoyed it as I’m a natural talker.

I gained enough confidence to investigate and research how podcasting could leverage my brand messages and vision to a wider audience.

If you are thinking of starting a podcast

Firstly, understand why you want to broadcast your podcast in the first place and how to do it.

Research your ‘why’. Ask yourself, do you enjoy chatting to people, and crucially, if your voice is clear? It is not about accents, more the clarity of your voice.

Podcasting should be seen as a tool in your marketing plan, driving traffic to your website, raising your social media profile, and positioning yourself as a collaborator with others in your industry.

Podcasting is a very niched broadcast that is used to inform, educate, or entertain a target audience. The tone of the broadcast will depend on who you want to attract as listeners.

The appeal and explosive growth is due to the ease with which the recording technologies have become more accessible.

You don’t have to have to be a sound engineer to become a podcast host. There are various podcast platforms such as Spotify or Apply that provide free tutorials and various self-teaching books to help if you don’t want to use a studio package.

Do you want to do studio recording or use a podcast app on your phone? 

I now love doing my own podcasts from, my smartphone! I decided to install the Anchor.Fm App on my phone. I have learnt by trial and error to edit recordings and invite several guests to participate in a live recording.

The App sorts out the distribution to the major platforms at the touch of a button. You can start just using an App on your phone. That is the allure, you can act quickly, progress your skill level and upgrade as you become more confident. I’m at the stage of upgrading my recording space and adding new bits of kit to produce a better sound quality for my growing number of listeners.

Some tips for fledgling podcast hosts 

One tip is to muffle extraneous sounds by covering the hard surface of the space around you with curtains or a blanket. Secondly, if inviting guest speakers, always let them know the format and have a quick run-through. It keeps nerves at bay. I find scripting a basic introduction and having a couple of icebreaking questions for guests to get conversation flowing sounds more professional.

I am now learning how to monetise my podcast channel, which is on my ‘to do list’ for later this year.

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