How to get your book published for FREE!

A couple of years ago I never dreamed that I would be a Lead Author in one book never mind a series of them, but that’s exactly what has transpired over the past 24 months. It was one of the best decisions I made too and here’s why!

As a business owner, first and foremost, this is a fantastic way to give you credibility and build authority aligned with your business. Your books don’t need to be best sellers, just something that aligns with your values and your business. You can gift them to potential clients, you can keep promoting them as another arm to your business and they can be used as lead magnets to build that all important email list.

Why collaborative books you ask? There are many reasons why this is a great way to get started on your writing and publishing journey… see what you think below:

  1. You are helping others become published Authors and making their dreams come true – many people may not know how to go about publishing their own book so you’re allowing them the space to become a Co-Author and to work with you first-hand.
  2. You will be the Lead Author in your books which brings confidence in other books you may want to write – every book you take part in, you can add to your resume either as a Lead Author or Co-Author… it’s spreading the word about you and your business and building credibility.
  3. As a Lead Author, you will set a fee for your Co-Authors to take part which means you won’t have to pay for Publishing costs on your own – this can also be profitable and make you an income depending on how many Co-Authors you choose for your book.
  4. You are showing people what you’re like to work with – this can only be a good thing and it builds confidence in your fellow business owners about your services.

Apart from the above, it allows you to work collaboratively with other people and through that process itself, business relationships are born and can be nurtured.

If you’re on the fence and can’t imagine yourself becoming a published Author, think again. It’s well within your reach and companies like The Book Chief Publishing House specialise in collaborative books to take a lot of the hassle away and to ensure your legal requirements are set up properly.

Something to get you started…

  • Think of five different topics you are passionate about and write them down.
  • Then list different areas within those topics you could write about. Try and list around 10 bullet points on each topic.
  • Now pick the topic you are most passionate about… that’s where to start! Each bullet point could be a chapter or a section of your book.

Remember, you only need 24 pages to publish a book on Amazon so aim for that, then work on more!

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