How to Improve your Sleep 

So many people are experiencing sleep disturbances at the moment, yet with some work it might be possible to improve your sleep. 

Here are my top tips:

Switch off any gadgets (phones, tablets, laptops) well before bed and put them downstairs.

Try ‘low level activity’ as this allows your survival brain to switch off, try audio books, music, podcasts reading or colouring. Listen in bed so you can drop off when sleepiness arrives.

Use aromatherapy sprays or oils too soothe your nervous system.

Magnesium sleep creams or Epsom Salt baths also help relax muscles.

A cooler bedroom also can help as body temperature drops during sleep.

Focus on slowing your heart rate and try guided meditation or hypnotherapy apps.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine and try calming teas like camomile instead.

Do some gentle exercise, as tired bodies override busy brains.

A weighted blanket might offer comfort for anxiety.

Whatever you do don’t avoid bed as the cycle can get worse!

Working on stress levels during the day may help too. Rising uncertainty increases anxiety and sleep can be harder to come by.

Life is miserable without sleep, so do work on it and don’t just suffer in silence.

If you have prolonged sleep issues see your GP, as prolonged insomnia massively affects mental health. GPs may prescribe short-term sleep medication or melatonin for longer term use.

If your anxiety feels out of control counselling might help.

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