Intuition, Faith and Trust

“I expand in abundance, success and love every day as I inspire those around me to do the same.” Gay Hendricks

How about this for a positive affirmation?! I’ve borrowed this one from Gay Hendricks and his book, The Big Leap. Back in 2021, when I picked this book up again after listening to an inspiring online workshop for empaths, sensitives and intuitives (that’s me!), here’s what jumped out for me.

Whenever I reached higher levels of success, I often experienced personal dramas that clouded my world with unhappiness and prevented me from enjoying my success, like being betrayed by a friend, disowned by my mum or judged by my in-laws.

Oh my! This really, really hit home hard. I was finally able to see the repeating pattern for what it was. My fear of really stepping into and owning my success because it would cause me to end up all alone, be disloyal to my roots and leave people from my past behind. Or at least, that’s what I thought. With this realisation came floods of memories of the times when I’d played down my success, whether that was winning an award for most promising solopreneur in France, becoming an international best-selling author or being mum to three bilingual, well-balanced and open-minded sons.

So, I started looking at all the successes I’d had to find the common denominator, to try and understand what had led me to feel successful in the first place. Each time, the notions of intuition, faith and trust were present, with a bit of going against the grain too!

These three notions cannot be found outside of me. If I don’t trust myself and have no faith in my choices, my ideas and my dreams, then success will be hard to come by because I’ll be relying on other people to decide for me, comparing my ideas and living someone else’s dream. That’s what I experienced for many years, well into adulthood, until my consciousness shifted and I learnt to connect to the whisperings of my heart and soul, to trust the intuitive nudges I was getting on a regular basis and to define what success meant to me. And guess what? It wasn’t what I thought it would be!

When I first started doing this, some people thought I was out of my mind, which I was, because I’d moved my consciousness out of my head and into my heart space. All of my successes have come after I followed the guidance from the Universe, during meditation, journalling and/or oracle card reading.

Learning to read the signs when a seemingly random email lands in my inbox, a friend invites me to join a group or a post says the exact words I need to hear has expanded my life. This expansion makes me feel so whole inside and that’s how I’m able to inspire other people to find their way back to themselves, because I feel the abundance, success and love every day now.

An abundance of gratitude, success on all levels and love of life!

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