It’s OK to Talk About Money!

Why do so many women shy away from talking about money, wanting money, charging what they are worth and shouting about their success?

At the ‘Her Story Conference’ for women (before COVID-19 hit) I listened to incredible stories of survival, breaking through barriers, creating their life out of lemons.  It was so inspiring YET not one woman had talked about their financial success.  

I was meant to be sharing my story on that stage; how I’d lost my brother at the age of 23, how I got married and divorced a year later, how finding out I wasn’t pregnant for the second time made me stop and think seriously about my life…so much so that, aged 27, I got up and walked away from everything. I decided that the universe was telling me something and it was time to make a change.

I booked my first overseas flight and since then I’ve travelled to over 45 different destinations, but my travel bug needed funding! The high flying corporate world of sales provided these funds but involved 50 hour weeks. Fast forward 12 years and I decided enough was enough.  

My passion was reignited by helping others break free. YET every time I worked with another awesome female entrepreneur with incredible knowledge, skills, and expertise, they were struggling financially, and I noticed that they shied away from money! 

Talking about it

Wanting it

Monitoring it

Charging it

Basically giving, giving, giving, and surviving not thriving.

When women earn good money, they make a positive impact with it.  They give it back to their families, they make a positive difference in society. Yet often when women talk about wanting money, they feel guilt and shame. And, when women do share their success, they are quickly, and often brutally, shut down by other women!  I saw someone share their success of hitting £1 million, the women who jumped on her for doing this were awful, nasty, and unsupportive.

How can we change this without talking about it; by exposing it and putting it out there into the everyday stream of conversation?  Money is simply a form of transaction and energy after all.

The first step is to ask yourself ‘what do I truly want?’. Get clarity around two core numbers:

1. Get your ‘life covered’, the costs of all the basics of rent, mortgage, food bills etc. that you need to cover each month.

2. Create your ‘lifestyle’ figure.  Add in at least 2 – 3 things annually that you really want to have in order to live your best life. 

Add these two figures together and there’s your annual and monthly target. Now ask yourself, is your business set up to achieve this?  If not, you have some work to do!

It’s time for women to feel elated by earning good money!  It’s time for us to feel genuinely excited about charging what we’re worth, to stop feeling guilty about having money, to celebrate each other’s success!  Here’s to your financial success.

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