Just a Raisin

Have you ever looked at a raisin, really looked at one?  It’s all crinkly and dried out looking. Yet, if you gently put it in your mouth and mindfully taste it, it opens up a whole new respect for the mere raisin. Have you ever thought about a raisin, really thought about one?  Come on, let me take you on the journey of ‘A Raisin’…

Once upon a long time ago, as I mindfully tasted the succulence of a raisin, my mind was transported on a journey of curiosity.  As my mouth filled with the bursting flavours and my stomach eagerly grumbled in anticipation of the swallow, the world of the raisin became wonderous to me. 

I became transported in wonderment. Who might have dropped, or sowed the seed for this vine tree to grow? Was it bird poo, was it a farmer?  In my mind’s eye, I could see the farmer setting his vines in the vineyard, wiping his brow with delight as he surveyed his work.  What country did it grow in?  Spain, Italy, Greece, countries with continuous sunshine and sparkle?  Who picked the grapes that grew on these swollen vines and brought them to the factory?  Who helped in the drying out process and who packaged the raisins? Who drove the lorry that transported them?  Who flew the plane or sailed the boat?  Who transported them to the supermarket?  So many questions to ponder over.  Who would have thought that my journey this morning to my local supermarket to buy a packet of raisins would cause such a stir in my thoughts?

My wonderment continued as I began to make connections and realisations started to filter through.  We too, are just like the raisin.  We too, came from a seed.  In our own way, we too were planted and nurtured and grown so we could be born.  So many hands were needed on our journey to where we are today.  Every hand was needed and was necessary, we would not be here where we are today if we had not had those hands.  We cannot survive by ourselves; we need the support and help of others and likewise others need the support and help of us.

Next time you look at a raisin, have a little think about the long journey it had to take before you got to put it in your mouth.  It may encourage you to slow down and come to your senses as you touch, smell and taste the raisin.  Life can go by us so quickly.  Take time to open up to your senses as its by being in our senses that we are living and being present. Allow the hecticness of your heartbeat to align and joy to fill your one precious moment.

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