Making a choice

How many of you are told that your choices are based on what is right and wrong? Yet how do you know if a choice is right or wrong until you reach your destination? Upbringing often teaches our moral compass in life to us, as do our social circles and cultural background. Yet we are so consumed by making the correct choice that we rarely see anything else.

I have made many choices in life that didn’t turn out as planned, after believing I had made the right choice. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, i had made choices that seemed like the wrong ones, yet they turned out beautifully. The reality is you can’t control the destination you believe you are headed. No matter how well-planned you are. Nor how you envision things will be when you get there, or how the people will be. The reality is you only ever have the information you have at any moment to go on as well as past experience. Yet experience doesn’t mean where you are going will be the same;

Your identity likes things to be the same, and safe, as it can gauge how to act. Even if having things the same means having something that doesn’t really make you happy. Your identity cares little about uncertainty when uncertainty is all we have. Yet from uncertainty comes possibility, change and growth, the very things the identity often fears.

The inner battle is often between being safe, and making the right choice, on one side, and on the other side having t possibility, growth and change. Yet safety isn’t about things being the same, it’s about adapting to life as it occurs. You can never know if things would have turned out better if you just would have made that other choice! If there are no wrong or right choices, then there are only decisions we make. Some decisions have things go our way, and some decisions do not have things go our way. But that doesn’t mean we made a right or wrong choice. It just means that sometimes things just don’t work out for you and that life doesn’t always go your way! Just as much as having some choices, have hurt others or benefited them. So here are some tips on making choices!

+ When facing a choice to make, don’t surrender your power by handing the decision to others. How can they truly know what’s right or wrong for you? What you really want to know is if the choice you make is going to work out for you! And what happens if it doesn’t work out? And that’s simply something you won’t know until you make that choice. Of course i am not going to ask you to bypass common sense. Ex: Not crossing a road when a car is coming

+ When making a choice instead of entertaining if it’s the right one, try asking yourself if it aligns with your values, and what brings you purpose and meaning!

+ Ask yourself if the choice your making might bring you closer to your goals. Sometimes you can use smaller choices and use them as stepping stones in order to make bigger choices.

+ Is the choice aligned with how you see yourself?

+ Commit to yourself, and commit to knowing that your handle things, if all doesn’t go well. Because if something doesn’t go well then you can always make another choice!!!!

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