Manifest a better you in 2022!

Manifesting is a word I’m sure you would have heard of by now, and we all have our views on the power of manifestation. Some would argue whether it works or not, but let me tell you one key ingredient that is missing from those that manifest successfully and those that don’t.


When you manifest and apply the appropriate action required to fulfil what you are manifesting, it will be yours.

When you plant a seed for something to grow, you can leave it, sit, and hope that the plant will eventually grow and turn out how you wanted it to.

Or you can TAKE ACTION!

Water it, nurture it, check the condition of the surroundings that you are asking the plant to grow in, give it the relevant time necessary for growth to take place and enjoy the process. Then, when the time is right and as if by magic, the plant will eventually break through the ground and blossom into its fullest potential.

Did you give up on the plant when you couldn’t see overnight success?

Did you have little faith that it would grow, so you quit on it?

Were you forcing a process to take place quicker than the time that it actually needed?

Ask yourself the same questions when it comes to the areas of your life that you wish to manifest more of!

The key to manifesting is the action that you take and how you are going to get the desired outcome. With 2022 approaching, we can already hear the New Year’s Resolutions starting to make an entrance.

“I am going to lose weight”, “I am going to give up alcohol for a month”, “I am going to eat healthier.”

Why not start now by setting the foundations so by the turn of the clock into next year, or whenever you wish to start manifesting, you are ready to go. Use the power of manifestation to go after what you truly desire in all areas of your life and create a plan using this easy 6 step guide.

1. Write down and fix in your mind what you want

2. Determine what you will give in return for what you want

3. Set a date of when you wish to receive/achieve it

4. Create a plan of action of how you will get what it is that you desire

5. Write out a clear statement of what you want, agree and sign

6. Read your statement out loud twice a day

As you read your statement, see, feel, and imagine yourself already in possession or achieving what you are setting out to do. This principle of auto-suggestion will help to influence your thoughts and actions to build self-confidence.

You can manifest anything you want in life, but you will have to keep the faith, trust in divine timing and take the relevant action that is required.

Now, are you ready to start manifesting a better you for 2022?

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