Menopause and New Beginnings

Menopause crept up on me, life became very confusing, one minute I’m cruising down the motorway of life in my Aston Martin (well, a girl has to dream!) the next, I’m bouncing down an unlit green lane in a clapped-out old banger hitting every conceivable bump in the road my very existence turned on its head, I was afraid.

How had I become, as it seemed overnight, a shell of my former self, a polar opposite to whom I once was, happy and carefree to a miserable screaming banshee who had completely lost her mojo?  I had not agreed to this.

My anxiety state became more debilitating, and my ability to function increasingly erratic; there was the physical stuff to deal with too, waking up with night sweats and feeling as if I was in a tsunami nightmare was only the tip of the iceberg.

I have a story to tell, like many others, one of fear, loss of identity and loss of purpose.  I decided to take control rather than being controlled.  I had to figure out a way to embrace this rather than endure it, a battle I had no choice but to accept.  “This body is MINE how dare menopause try and change the very essence of my being”

Yes, it was a challenging journey like I had never travelled before, but one I was determined to win.

The upshot of this inevitable rite of passage is it can be a catalyst of growth, a chance to evolve into the complete and best version of yourself.  This is your time; grasp it with both hands and enjoy living through and beyond menopause.

I took part in the Great North Swim Challenge completing 5k in Lake Windermere, I became a trainee marathon runner in my late 40s, and I walked the whole length of Hadrian’s Wall last year.  This was, and is, my time to be the person I was always meant to be.

I embraced menopause and faced it head-on, navigating my way through it, refusing to be controlled by this inevitable phase of my life.  

Starting a new career mid menopause was scary but so empowering; using my health and wellness knowledge as a coach plus my personal experience helps me support others as they travel on their menopause journey, a journey that should never be travelled alone.

My message is of hope and encouragement.  Menopause does not have to be the end of your story.  You can rewrite a brand new one, one that might possibly be the most liberating of all.

I’m climbing Ben Nevis, Scar-fell Pike and Snowden over a few days in September to continue my adventures…I’m rocking my mantra, “ME.  NO PAUSE.”

The road ahead is more like an A road these days; I’m travelling at a slower pace and prioritising my self-care, and I’m delighted to say I’m much better for it.

With informed choices and a positive mindset, you can be too.

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