Mindset is the priority for annual women’s business conference

A conference aimed at helping women entrepreneurs develop a positive and growth-oriented mindset will be the Socially Shared Business Support Network’s biggest yet. The theme for its 5th Annual Women in Business Conference on Friday, 9th June 2023, is “Mind Your Business.” It will feature workshops and talks from experts on topics from understanding mental health and defining what is normal to overcoming barriers to success and valuing one’s financial and personal worth.

Attendees will learn how to make better decisions, engage their employees, and achieve improved financial performance to reach their full potential. The takeaway message is to focus on improving mental and emotional wellbeing while empowering visitors to leave behind negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and low self-worth and instead cultivate a mindset of resilience, creativity, and self-empowerment.

The event will be held at the elegant 17th Century Ansty Hall, near Coventry, with plenty of networking opportunities, connecting and promotion.

Mindset is a key topic in business now because it significantly impacts the success of individuals and organisations. UK Women’s businesses have a higher churn rate (i.e. more start-ups and closures). Women are less likely to believe they possess entrepreneurial skills: Female-led businesses are only 44% of the size of male-led businesses on average in terms of their contribution to the economy, and male SMEs are five times more likely to scale up to £1 million turnover than female SMEs.

Only 39% of women are confident in their capabilities to start a business compared to 55% of men. This is a perceived gap in ability rather than an actual gap in skill sets. (Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, HM Treasury 2019). With increasing competition, rapid technological advancements, and economic uncertainty, having the right mindset is crucial for navigating these challenges and achieving long-term success.

BBC Journalist, TV and Radio Presenter Joanna Tidman has agreed to be MC for the fifth consecutive year. During the conference, there will be interactive activities in the morning and afternoon, which will be informative and fun. Keynote topics include: valuing your financial worth, stopping apologising, barriers to reaching your full potential, food-related quizzes, reducing stress and empowering women and girls.

Speakers from Rugby include Dr Hayley Poole, Clinical Psychologist and Miranda Khilstrom, Wellness Coach; from Kenilworth, Liz Paolene, Holistic Practitioner; from Leamington, Dishi Atwood, Soroptimists International; from Coventry include Nishi Mehta, Career and Mindset Coach, Cathy Connan MSC, Psychotherapist, Jacqui Jagger, Leadership & Mindset Coach and Lily Samuels, Corporate Nutritionist; from Nuneaton Clare Hopkins, Wellbeing Coach and Consultant; and from London Elizabeth Platt, Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach with a wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience they are proud to be sharing.

Founder of Socially Shared, Karen Heap, said, “For those facing challenges in life, this event presents a unique opportunity to master their mindset and take control of their future. Through practical tools and guided exercises, attendees will learn to overcome limiting beliefs and break down barriers to success. By cultivating a growth-oriented mindset, participants will understand the psychological factors influencing their success and be empowered to take bold action towards their goals. Attending this event is a powerful investment in personal and professional growth, offering the tools and insights needed to succeed on our own terms.”

Socially Shared Business Support Network is seen as a leading player in the business network arena in Warwickshire and the West Midlands and has ambitions to grow further. The headline event of the year, the ‘Women in Business Conference’, is recognised and respected as a critical event in the region and attracts women from across the Midlands. The 2023 event will inspire an opportunity to network with an eclectic mix of professional women from a wide range of business sectors and a wealth of learning opportunities, genuinely reflecting the very essence of what the Socially Shared Business Support Network is about.

For more information: https://sociallyshared.co.uk/events/business-conference-2023/

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