Nine Ways to Stay Resilient  

Is your life looking a bit like one of those strange and unaccommodating landscapes that Dr Who comes across as he or she steps out of the Tardis?

Dr Who has a sonic screwdriver to hand and a Tardis that can spin into another dimension, but the Doctor keeps turning up in new worlds whose very existence is challenged. Thank goodness the Doctor gets to regenerate every now and again…


Dr Who really is the embodiment of resilience!

But as we haven’t invented a sonic screwdriver (yet), this R.E.S.I.L.I.E.N.T acronym may help in the meantime to withstand this ‘alien’ environment and bounce back stronger and wiser.


Come back to your whole self in presence with an observing and curious disposition. Self-awareness is key to knowing your strengths, accepting your vulnerabilities, and appreciating how resilient you can be; reconnection to your whole body and mind is the way to increase that awareness. Journaling your observations helps you to deepen that understanding and be on the front-foot when things go awry.


Expecting that life will play out as you want it to, is like expecting Boris Johnson to do a Morris dance for your personal entertainment; the thought may entertain you, but the chances of it happening are slim.

Letting go of the pictures of how we want things to be, leads to a more open and adaptable space from where we can evolve.


To have a resilient mind you need a resilient body. If you are tired and irritable, resilience is like the hare to the greyhound. 


Trusting your innate wisdom which is accessed from a space of presence and settlement within, leads to more access to the same. Intuition is like a muscle that needs flexing; it helps us to be more resilient by discerning what our next move needs to be. 


Leading with love and responsibility helps us to be resilient as we step up to what is needed and put aside our own agenda.


Control is inflexible and snaps in the changing winds of life. Letting go of control, being flexible, and trusting your spontaneous and creative flow, leads to the choices that help you to be resilient.


Feeling that you are a victim of circumstances makes it easy to give up, but there is no growth in that dimension. Empower yourself to make the choices that transform and enrich; empower others to do the same and you will be one hell of a resilient ninja.


The present moment is your universe and where your resilience is needed. Claim your whole resilient self unapologetically and bring it to whatever you are doing. 


There is no resilience to be found in self-doubt. Confidence that you can walk across the hot coals of adversity means facing your fears with courage, knowing that there is a bigger picture, and that change is always just a Tardis spin away.

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