One Closed Door

After a sleepless night, I found myself sitting on the side of my bed before the sun rose on a new day.

My mind was a swirl of emotions; I asked myself, “What am I going to do now?”

The world was in the beginning stages of a worldwide pandemic, businesses were closing and people were losing their jobs and livelihoods. It felt as if the world as a whole had shut its doors.

There I sat, in the predawn hours, having been informed the day before that my position was being eliminated. As a Marketing Director, my job included regularly travelling to customers. Unfortunately, that was no longer possible, and the company I worked for was not set up or prepared for a remote workforce.

I realised I had two options; play the woe-is-me card over this closed door, or look at this as an opportunity.

Was I angry? Yes, but I was determined not to let it take hold. I gave myself one day to be angry and then thought about what I wanted to do. Should I update my resume and begin the tedious search for another job in a world that had closed its doors, or could I create a job?

I am a writer and published author. I love weaving words together and building a story that a reader can feel. I enjoy public speaking and sharing stories of hope and encouragement. Finally, I enjoy helping others to develop their own stories.

Fear was so prevalent globally, and you could feel it floating in the air. I refused to let fear land and decided to use my skill set and begin a podcast called Let Fear Bounce. I started reaching out to people I knew and having them as guests.

As word began to spread, I started scheduling more and more guests. As a result, the Let Fear Bounce podcast took on a life of its own, I am now in my second year and have over 125 episodes published.

From that experience, a new opportunity presented itself; a chance to have a TV Show. So again, I let fear bounce and jumped on the chance, and The Write Stuff, The Author’s Voice TV Show was born and is now released on numerous online streaming platforms with authors worldwide sharing their writing journey.

There is no room for fear. It can be debilitating and stop you from reaching your full potential. Fear of failure, rejection or fear of not being good enough are just a few fears that can derail your potential.

This path may feel risky and may not be everyone’s choice. My take away for you is this; Don’t let one closed-door determine your future. Instead, believe in yourself, surround yourself and connect with people who can help you, guide you, and support your efforts. By doing so, stepping outside of your comfort zone holds less fear and helps you notice open doors.

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