Pain to Purpose 

I’m as much scared to write this article as I was having the purpose to write it…

Sharing my story I aim to inspire, empower, and make people self-realise that life isn’t for hiding away, being the victim or a slave to your emotional bondage. Being fully present, honest, and real is true freedom.  

I’m Donna Marie, I was born with unique physical deformities to my hands and I spent most of my childhood in and out of hospital being afraid. I was bullied consistently, fell into toxic patterns of assault and abuse from others, and I was my own self harmer.

This all took its toll on my mental wellbeing which resulted in loss of power, strength, courage, and I lost me. Pain was all I ever felt.

Over the years I buried my emotions deep, and presented myself to the world with fake smiles, whilst screaming on the inside. Years later I found holistic therapy, yoga and tantra, and went on a path of self-discovery. I set up my own healing business and my life started to turn around…I became self-aware.

My business journey has been my healing journey. The real me revealed herself and my pain turned to purpose. 

Lockdown was incredibly eye opening, I went on a deep journey of self-love through photography, being my own artist. I met a unique photographer at a networking group and was instantly inspired by his work. I was scared but I went on the deepest journey of self-discovery and turned my false perceptions, fears and pain into power and purpose!

We created some real, raw, and honest photography magic. For me it was embodying the experience, the inspiration, the empowerment I felt inside out in that moment of the photos being taken. I was challenged to step outside the comfort zone more than I ever have before. Seeing the photos that Julian Knopf of Gander Photography presented me with takes my breath away. No longer do I feel like I have to hide but it’s safe and OK to be visible just as me.

I am overwhelmed and proud of how far I have come, to get to the point where I no longer loathe, but love the body I’m in. I’m so proud to say I can share these and write this with bravery! The photos tell a story more than I can write it. No longer am I a slave to my emotions or my body self-image. Thankyou Julian for these. They really are art to me.

This article is dedicated to all those who have a story to share.  I encourage you to do something daily that scares you. Fall in love with yourself and step outside the comfort zone. Feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s when you truly break free !

I have no more words.

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