Poetry Challenge Winner 2023: Shiver Down The Glass by Ellie LaCrosse

Small mean ‘O’ of mouth

on frosted glass between us

the ambient temperature

dropped to zero

after you told me

you were leaving

What I really want to do

Is shiver down that glass

into razor shards

and cut you

out of my life

I want to

throw the rocks

you keep by the bolted door

for scaring off the old crows

but you think I’m one of

that murdering bunch now

so I resist

I’ll scare off the human form

left like gauze on the cold pane

that reflection of you

the earlier version I loved

now that youth has cracked

into senility

the reflection needs to be annihilated

and erased from my antique eyes

leaving me free

to construct new planes

placed at different angles

to capture

the dying light left to me

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