Post Pandemic Marketing

The last year has been a whirlwind of emotions for everyone, so much so that it would be difficult to find anyone that hasn’t been affected in one way or another, either personally or financially.

We are now entering a new era, the post-pandemic era. Thanks to the vaccines the UK is starting to slowly lift lockdown restrictions. So how will businesses operate in a post pandemic world when it comes to marketing?

Businesses will review their marketing budgets

During lockdown businesses tightened their belts, and in a recession, marketing is usually one of the first business functions to go. So it wasn’t a surprise when reports showed that advertising spending was down. 

Many offline channels like billboards, radio adverts and TV adverts saw a massive decline, but now that people are getting back outside, this is an area of spending which could see an increase.

A quieter daily commute and less advertisements

The daily commute used to be a great opportunity to advertise products and services. From billboards and radio adverts, to posters on public transport. Everywhere you looked there would be an advertisement for a company, product, or service.

But now companies have discovered the savings they can make by having employees work from home. With less commuters, businesses that advertise on the commute might need to find other ways of getting their marketing in front of people. 

The High Street will need to revamp its marketing.

For many people across the world, online shopping was the perfect solution during the pandemic. They could order anything online and not have to worry about going out and risking their life. 

Many online companies took advantage of the fact that all their competitors had been forced to shut their doors, and as a result they saw profits soar. 

The fight to save the high street is tougher than ever

There were a lot of high street casualties during the pandemic and a lot of big names failed to survive. With less shops on the high street, people are finding less reasons to venture there, and instead are opting to shop online.

The high street was fighting online shopping before the pandemic, but now the fight has been taken up a notch, which means they need to find new ways to get people into their stores. 

Marketing will be crucial to bricks and mortar businesses, but after being shut for so long their budgets are likely to be small. 

The post-pandemic world is the start of a new era. So much has been lost and the economy has been stretched to its limits, but with time things will get better. We have lost many large businesses but there are a lot of small businesses emerging and this will help bolster the economy.

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