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Making a choice

How many of you are told that your choices are based on what is right and wrong? Yet how do you know if a choice …

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Opinion Based

Mental Health misdiagnosis in BAME communities

My first contact with mental health was at my first job when I moved back to England in July 2001. Working in a moderately secure …

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Cystitis, Thrush or Vulva Cancer?

ATTENTION! Have you heard of Vulva Cancer? Well, 7 years ago I was diagnosed with it, I was 59 and the youngest to be diagnosed! …

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Member Interview

Rita Preston: Member Interview

Rita Preston Purpose of business: Writing, Awareness, All Topics, and Modeling Industry: Writing and Modeling, additional website: What made you want to start …

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Member Interview

Andrea Ursula Hochgatterer: Member Interview

mindbodyalignment Purpose of business: Wellbeing Industry: Complementary Therapy What made you want to start your own business? I have been mostly self-employed in various …

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Poetry Challenge Winner 2023: Shiver Down The Glass by Ellie LaCrosse

Small mean ‘O’ of mouth on frosted glass between us the ambient temperature dropped to zero after you told me you were leaving What I …

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