Seeing The Positive

Most of us believe war is a negative phenomenon; it causes destruction, hostility, and has only dangerous consequences.  I don’t think so.  I think war becomes a necessity for those who continue to live under prolonged aggression and difficult circumstances.  Sometimes war may turn out to be the right decision for peace.  Wars appear to generate hard times; hard times create extreme situations, and extreme situations might create optimism for better conditions. 

It is a fact and historically true that common appliances like microwaves, toasters, radio, and the internet were invented during World War II.  Developments and technological advancements are just one aspect and outcome of the war.  Apparently, each negative situation has its own unexplored positive aspects which we need to unfold; once we do that, we can create multiple possibilities to prevail even in the worst scenarios.

2021 was the most awful year for me, as my mother was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer.  This news shattered me, as it was my mother who stood by us after the death of my father in 2014.  She backed all of us with courage and audacity, motivated us to continue our lives with hope.  Every passing minute, my mother’s condition deteriorated and made me vulnerable and devastated.  I prayed to God to let her soul be free.  Yes, it’s difficult to hear and horrible to wish for your loved ones to leave the world.   

After battling with the disease for 14 months, her soul departed, and this time there was no one to heal us.  Her demise changed our lives completely.  Even being a mother of three, I had never imagined my life without her and thought her death would take away all my positive energies and sense of hope, but I composed myself and tweaked my thoughts onto a positive path.  She is now at a better place and not enduring any more pain.  This optimistic approach gave me the strength to bear this immense loss.

When we intend to discover positivity in negativity, we first need to find what is optimism to us.  Giving ourselves permission to believe in a more pleasant life is the initial step: once we take that step, countless doors open for us with several paths to keep ourselves driven.  American psychologist ‘Professor Seligman’ stated, “Optimism teaches positivity but with common sense.  We need to find solutions in a logical way even in an unfavourable situation”.  This changed my perception to see things on a positive level by accepting the fact that my mother has gone, but she will live within me to cherish beautiful memories.

There are various circumstances that are not favourable for us but could be advantageous for others.  We just need to learn how to turn our pain into purpose, traumas into triumph to be a warrior, not a worrier.  This is a very sensible approach to grow through what you go through.  By being an optimist, you can pave hopeful ways into the dark sea of disappointments.

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