Smash Your Glass Ceiling

Life has an intriguing way of challenging us in the most fascinating ways! I did not realise the role that resilience played in my life, until I got to a point where I found that restraint was now an imperative rather than a nice to have. As I travelled through the luscious mountains of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa, I watched the picturesque scenery flying past and stared in wonder at the idyllic lives of the people living there. I wondered what it would feel like to leave my traumatic world behind and just be. 

The challenge was that I had experienced so much trauma growing up that I never fully understood how it had impacted my life. From the decisions I made, to my thought processes, expectations, beliefs, and even the partner I chose to be with. 

Looking back at my past, I finally understood that life had given to me everything I deserved. Now don’t misunderstand me. I am talking about the lessons that I had to embrace. I am talking about the pain, anger, hatred, fears, and conditioning, that came both from being in an abusive family life to marrying a narcissistic partner. It all came full circle to understanding what I had to go through to let go of these fears, unconscious moulding, behaviours, even the way I dressed, to finally acknowledging that I had to change my perspective if I was ever to grow, move on or break the “Glass Ceilings” everyone talks about. 

Now here is a thought. What holds you back? I ALLOWED other people’s behaviours, thoughts, words, and actions to determine what I could have in life and, until I could change that within me, I was always destined to accept second best. I hear the words “be resilient”. I hear motivational excerpts like, “you have light within you, just let it shine!”. I am told, “suck it up, this too shall pass!”, and my mind balks at the advice, questioning who do these people think they are to give me guidance. 

I have since learnt, that Compassionate leaders of Influence, are the very “tribe” people talk about. They are the men and women who come into our lives to guide, support and honour our journey, if we are truly open and listening to lessons that are sent our way. I learnt to question everything and indulge in daily personal development, leadership skills, tools and techniques that uplift me. Only then, could I say, I deserved the best!

Eleanor Roosevelt very succinctly said, “No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, so my question to you is simply this. Whose words, actions and deeds has created a glass ceiling that limits you from growing in your current life? 

My advice is this. Glass is transparent, so you can see through it. It can be shattered and destroyed if you choose to do so. So what are you allowing in your sub-conscious mindset to hold you back as YOUR Glass Ceiling?

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