Success on Purpose

Success. It means different things to different people and comes in various shapes and sizes.

My greatest success took decades of hoping and almost never happened.

From a young age, I’d wanted to be a mum and presumed I would be.

However, in my mid-20s, that dream was dealt a crushing blow. Whilst on my lunch break one day, I received a phone call from my GP with life-changing news: “We have your blood results here…you have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)…affects fertility…struggle to conceive….”

I don’t recall anything more of that conversation. I remember feeling that time had suddenly stood still while the world started closing in around me. A deafening ringing filled my ears. It felt like someone had stabbed me through the heart.

How could this be happening? Never conceive? Never be a mum!

I froze, not knowing how to process the news. It didn’t help that I was newly single, just out of a long-term relationship and started questioning my decision. Should I have stayed? What is this cruel karma?

However, it didn’t take long for my maternal instincts to kick in. I started researching PCOS. One of the common answers I discovered was that there’s no cure. PCOS is a syndrome, meaning there’s no direct known cause for the symptoms, and so all the medical world can do is manage those symptoms, which include irregular or absent periods, insulin resistance, weight gain and infertility.

I tried many medications and treatments over the years, including Metformin to manage the hypoglycaemic attacks, the pill, diets, and various complementary therapies. Each seemed to have certain levels of success, but generally only temporary and often accompanied by side effects.

It was when I was introduced to Reiki that things finally started to shift. Reiki is a form of energy healing, channelling universal energy through specially attuned practitioners’ hands to the client to treat physical and emotional issues. I loved the experiences, feeling the energy coursing through me and ‘seeing’ visualisations that I knew I could not have generated consciously. My practitioner told me I had a gift with energy, and I knew I had to do this!

I qualified as a Reiki Practitioner, and whilst I was proud of this achievement, it was the by-product that really blew me away – I’d fallen pregnant! From feelings of dread when my returned periods suddenly stopped to the overwhelming joy at seeing the blue line appear on the pregnancy test, I felt like all my dreams had finally come true!

I went on to qualify to Reiki Level II and a month later achieved my greatest success: becoming mum to a healthy 9lb son!

15 years, a spiritual awakening and lots of energetic development later, I learned that being a mum was a major part of my soul purpose, and now I help others align to their own soul purpose, heal from any obstacles in their way and achieve their greatest successes – whatever those look like for them.

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