Success on your Terms

I spent most of my adult working life in the corporate environment. I knew that I had to be tough, relentless and always available. Working in an engineering company, in many meetings I was on my own amongst all men. I was an over achiever for many years, trying to prove that I was worthy of all the bonuses, promotions and recognitions. It got me far in terms of success but low in my mood, energy, fulfilment and health. I knew that it was unsustainable and not how I wanted to live my life, but I had a total fear of failure if I changed anything.

I started asking myself, can I desire more? I already have so much, what else do I need? Is it OK for me to want more, to be more and to be different? I was craving creativity like never before. I was feeling caged, detached from my emotions, and totally stuck in my head – all signs of the wounded masculine.

I started my business in 2019 before I began my healing path. At that time, I was at a complete loss as to where I needed to start; I had no self-compassion and was totally insecure. Again I thought that true success lies in pushing, achieving, doing more and more. The beginnings were tough until I started to realise that I created this business for pleasure, fun, creativity; that I am a Queen and creator of my destiny. Yes, business needs to earn money, otherwise it is an expensive hobby, but it also needs to bring you joy, peace, fun and connection. Only then will you want to jump out of bed every morning to create what excites you the most. 

I started to heal my wounded Feminine and Masculine energies. I started to rise from fear of failure to committed and powerful, from critical and judgmental to supportive, curious and encouraging. My Queen, Warrioress and Sorceress, desired boundaries, confidence in my body, intuition and creativity.

So how can you heal both energies for success on your terms?

1. Create feel-good energy every day – ask yourself, does that activity, food, drink, make me feel good today?

2. Be CEO of your own life – source your creativity and energy from the exquisite care of yourself so that you can experience joy and pleasure.

3. Accept that both sacred energies exist together in you, and you can transform them to serve you the best and create a sweet union that makes you human and holy

4. Love yourself no matter what and turn judgment into curiosity  – journaling can help to bring your thoughts to the surface – do not keep them in your head; write them down to raise awareness 

The truth is this world is in desperate need of sacred feminine energy that creates a more harmonious world that is good for all. Are you stepping into this role?

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