The Journey

The journey of a Global Influencer is scary, exciting, humbling, encouraging, definitely challenging but always immensely satisfying. 

Being bullied as a child was probably one of the greatest gifts I received in my young life. It taught me an early lesson on serving others, as I was desperate to belong, to fit in.  

I also experienced several broken relationships, and dark, difficult times on the death of a dear friend. I delved deep into my work to forget, but I never stopped developing myself. 

I needed to overcome many limiting beliefs, which started by making a few seemingly insignificant decisions at an early age. Looking back, those were major milestones as they awakened my curiosity in personal development, a growth journey that I intentionally pursue every single day. 

No excuses why I couldn’t, instead reasons why I could, had to, and must continue to do so, by making intentional choices. We are free to make our own choices, but we are never free from their consequences. That’s why our development is so important. Not as a ‘someday thing’ but an everyday thing.  

I made a powerful choice to leave a job I loved for a journey of significance. 

That led me to Squatter camps with our values-based leadership program, where we saw much hardship, yet many amazing and resourceful people who were hurting from poverty, gender-based violence, Xenophobia and a long list of other injustices not being talked about or addressed. 

To see and feel the impact in so many areas inspired me to do more. I learned lessons I never expected; compassion, kindness, love, integrity, and appreciation being just some of them. 

I also worked with young leaders and upskilled them with my experience and knowledge, allowing them to impact 20 schools. This is what collaborative partnerships look like. 

To be able to connect through human values, highlighted the reality of corporate leaders during these challenging times. They too have been impacted in many ways. To positively guide and support them through their journey was another humbling experience. 

Everyone matters! It is time for all of us to set our perceptions, our beliefs, our calcified ideologies aside and reach out to our fellow human beings.  

Stephen Covey quoted: “Try to understand before being understood”. We need to stop reacting to everything around us and start to respond from within. We do this by respecting others as human beings. 

When you speak your truth, there will always be people who don’t agree with you, and that’s OK! Influencing others is not always appreciated.  Will you influence people? Without a shadow of a doubt. Will it always be positive? Mostly. Is it worth it? Always! 

We all influence some people. The big question is not how many you will influence, but how you influence them.  

It took resilience, perseverance, and hard work, and is an ongoing process but, the brilliant part is that it’s achievable. 

I am a person whose inner voice inspired me to do bigger things…and I listened!

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