The Ladder

Has it ever occurred to you:

  • that you might be busy climbing a ladder that is leaning against the wrong building?
  • that you might be throwing yourself into a job, profession, or career that does not fulfil you?
  • that you might wake up one day, look in the mirror and not like where that person on the other side is heading?

I would like you to think about some of the things you want to achieve, some of the dreams you want to fulfil, some of the people you want to impact in your lifetime, then ask yourself: “With all that I am doing right now, …am…I…on…track?”

Looking back on my own life and where I was heading, I can honestly say I was definitely not on track, in fact, I was climbing a ladder which, at some point in time, I fully expected someone to push away from the building with a long hook – just for me to land with my face in the mud.

I never hated my job like some of my colleagues said they did – but stayed anyway! I loved the different challenges that came my way, and travelling was always interesting, even if it was because a boss told me where to go and how long to go for.

However, when opportunity knocked and I was finally ready, it was a done deal; I just knew it was time to quit what I was doing and follow my passion.

After more than 30 years, you could say that was indeed a long ladder and, yes, it was leaning against the wrong building, but nobody pushed it away; I jumped off and continued on another one.

What is keeping you on your ladder? Is it the possibility of promotion and status, the chance of more money, or is it just comfortable as it pays the bills, the yearly holiday and the kids’ education?

OR…could it be that you are on a ladder of fear? The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of the unknown?

Could it even be that your ladder is leaning against a building of fear? That all you have ever worked for is based on a solid foundation of negative motivation, and you just keep on climbing because ”that’s all there is!”

Your ladder is not the only one; however, I know it often takes mitigating circumstances or disastrous events for you to realize that you need to change. Sometimes you might even be forced to change, and how often is that a blessing in disguise?

STOP right now, wherever you are, look in the mirror and ask that person on the other side some very serious questions, then decide whether you are on the right ladder or is it high time you got off the one you’re on and started to climb another one!

Remember, whatever ladder you are on, it is YOUR ladder, YOUR choice, YOUR life…Own it!

Choose wisely!

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