The Message

The Message is a poem I wrote at the end of 2015 following the death of a dear friend and soul twin, not to be confused with a relationship or “friend with benefits”.

It popped up as I was about to go to sleep; I had to get up again to write it down immediately, as it felt like a message from “the other side”.

If you have lost loved ones, parents, siblings, children, relatives, this message may be something they want you to know or something they may even have told you in dreams or by other means. (I believe there are things we cannot explain with science.)

May this poem give you comfort at times when you are missing those that have moved on from their physical existence. 

The Message

I am the wind that ruffles your hair

I am the rain that washes away your tears of despair

I am the sunshine that will keep you warm

And I watch over you to keep you from harm

I am the purest love that will never die

I am the moon that lights up the night sky

My body may be gone but my soul is now free

To be who and where I always wanted to be

I am with you in your dreams at night

My soul will be with you to make sure you’re all right

I am not gone; I am with you wherever you are

And I shine down on you as the brightest star

I love you forever till the end of all time

No one will ever change that, you’ll forever be mine

© Elke Andrea Wallace – 31 December 2015

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