The Power of Love

I’ve never forgotten the stunning shiver that went through me the day I connected with my soulmate – now husband – Bruce Kent, as he asked me out on our first date. From that moment, it became clear to us that we had started something magical – after years of living the kind of lives which had us wondering what the point of it all was.

As our fairy-tale evolved, we shared our excitement with friends and family, and it became clear they ‘got us’ too. The energy of our story spread a beautiful wave of love all around, and as we celebrated every single special moment together, we found our way through some tough life lessons. We navigated the complexities of not one but two divorces almost side by side; instead of testing our love, it only grew stronger. 

The powerful emotion of feeling as though everyone just wants you to ‘win’ cannot be explained – we were already winning because we were experiencing happiness beyond measure, and it was this knowledge that empowered us to keep moving forward. We focused on the good stuff, always, and as a result, experienced even more feel-good factors. We enjoyed many concerts, trips we longed to share with a special someone, parties; we found so many ways to celebrate what we’d found together; it kept us high on life.

We soon published our transformational stories, and the ripples of inspiration started to spread. As Bruce got down on one knee in front of almost 100 regulars during our ‘happy space’ at Tuneless Choir, after 19 months together, my dreams were elevated to an awe-inspiring new high. He was ‘the one’, and it became clear to all – who else would think of something so profoundly beautiful (and public!). 

During 2020 we both re-directed our careers, Bruce starting a handyman business (he loves to help people) and I declared myself ‘The Happy Life Activator’ – a good distraction, of sorts, because it took us almost three years to walk down the aisle. Partly due to delays caused by covid, this kept us even more focused on our dream day, eventually held in November 2021.

What a day! We danced up and down the aisle to ‘You’re the One That I Want’, our choir family celebrated with us, singing our chosen tunes – all our guests warmly invited to join in. I’ve never heard singing like it in all my life. We raised the roof off the venue for this ultimate celebration of love and life. Fellow Mo2vate author Alison Fleming was our celebrant for this auspicious occasion; a musical extravaganza – creating magical memories, sending so many on an emotional rollercoaster as Ali told our love story, all listening intently as we declared our personally written vows. Then I sang (and yes, I’m in a tuneless choir).

The future is so bright for us now we are husband and wife. It was already good, but now we are free to get on with our lives together in harmonious happiness.

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