The Success Mindset

What holds most people back from truly achieving success is the fear of failure.  This feeling can be much worse than the feeling of accomplishment.  Yet looking fear in the face is easier than you think.  It’s all about where your mindset is at.  Most people create stories in their head about why their goals are not possible for them.  Their mindset is so strong that they actually make these false stories true for themselves.  What if you told yourself a new positive story?  Your mindset would do the same thing, but this time, you would be accomplishing your goals. 

To create this mindset shift, you only need a few success habits to get things kick-started.  When you have a vision, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from achieving it.  This mindset is what separates those who succeed and those who fail. 

When Walt Disney wanted to create Disneyland, no one wanted to be part of it, not even his brother.  He had a hard time getting people to buy into his vision as it had never been done before.  To get other people to believe in his dream, he had to first go all in betting on himself. J.K. Rowling went from being on welfare to becoming one of the best-known authors for her Harry Potter book series.  She never gave up on her dream, even while writing on public buses. “What are you doing right now to bet on yourself?”

How you recover from setbacks is a major key to achieving success.  I’m going to share three tips on how to shift your mindset so you can step into your future successes.

  1. Always have a back-up plan.  Most first attempts don’t work out in the beginning. Thomas Edison didn’t say that he failed 10,000 times, he said “I found 10,000 ways that a light bulb won’t work”. Create multiple strategy plans so you don’t feel defeat from the onset.
  1. Create your board of directors.  Surround yourself with people who believe in your vision and can be there as allies.  The people you surround yourself with can make or break your vision and dreams.  Be very selective in this area just as you would be as the CEO of your vision.
  1. Exponential persistence.  Don’t let ‘no’ or failure be part of your vocabulary.  Allow persistence to be your driving factor for creating success.  When everyone else gives up, you want to be the person that sees setbacks as learning opportunities for continued growth.

Small steps into creating a growth mindset, is all you need to start creating success.  Failure is only a byproduct of how you view yourself.  You have a choice here – let failures crush your dreams or see them as stepping stones to achieving success.

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