The Value of Christmas – a quiz

Hurrah! Christmas again, break out the baubles and mince pies.

Harrumph! Bah, Humbug!

What’s surprising to some is that it’s our values that drive these feelings. Our values play a massive part in how we see Christmas, and it’s not always our fault we feel the way we do. There are many factors that can influence what we think about the festive season.

But can we change these things? Well, yes, we can!

Firstly, we need to decide where we sit on the values levels. Dr Clare Graves, an American Psychologist, studied people’s responses to their environment and formulated his hypothesis on values based on this. He devised a ‘Spiral Dynamic’ model, where we travel up and down a DNA like a spiral, based around our own default programming, our thinking and our current environment. . And yes, we can move from level to level on a regular basis without even thinking about it.

Level 1 – Survival. Mainly young kids, it’s all about food, gifts, attention just on them.  Me, Me, Me!

Level 2 – Tribal. They want EVERYONE here at their house for Christmas lunch, the whole family all together. The tree has gone up early, and there’s mulled wine and mince pies on arrival. Will be wearing lucky pants to ensure things go well. Tradition is important!

Level 3 – Egocentric. The Life and Soul of the party, organises games, but has to be the ‘banker’ in Monopoly or the ‘spinner’ in Twister. The Centre of Attention, dressed as Santa, got the best turkey and pigs in blankets. Is the provider, but things have to be done NOW!

Level 4 – Moralistic. Things have to be right! You get presents ONLY if you’ve been good – uses Elf on the Shelf and Santa Cam. Will go to Midnight Mass. Christmas lunch must have all the trimmings, there’s a seating hierarchy for the table, The Head of the Family will carve the turkey whilst they’re in the kitchen preparing gravy and brandy sauce.

Level 5 – Strategic. Wants the biggest and best presents, and really NEEDS the latest phone/computer/tablet. Loves to receive cards but ‘forgets’ to send them. Will have the most colourful jumper, made by a top Italian Fashion House.  Will emphasise that it is essential you all bring an item of food to the party.

Level 6 – Sociocentric. Will have meditated in the morning to prepare for the day and done their affirmations. There will be a nut roast alternative to turkey, and uses recycled wrapping paper tied with string, Save The Planet! Gives the biggest hugs, loves everyone, and only wants love in return, not a present. They will get you a goat in Africa for your gift.

Level 7 – Integrative. Moves between all the above and is functional in order to be the most flexible. Looks for Harmony, a Win-Win for everyone, does a bit of everything.

So, do you see yourself in any of the above? Remember, this is just a bit of fun, have a go!

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