The Word that can Transform You!

Allow me to take you back in time to September 2016. There I was, standing in my bathroom, excited to stand on the scale to see what I had accomplished after a week of a restrictive diet. 

The scale kept on going up and up and up. I wished it would stop, but it didn’t. As it climbed, my heart sank…

After all the frustration and struggling to overcome temptation, I didn’t lose even one gram. I thought it was a huge accomplishment to give up all the fizzy drinks and sugar cravings. 

I was starving all week.

I had skipped dinner every single night for the sake of losing weight.

So, stepping on the scale was like climbing Mount Everest for me. 

And here, I decided to quit. I felt a deep wound in my self-esteem.

I didn’t actually say or think it, but I felt that I wasn’t worth enough and that I didn’t have strong enough willpower. 

At this time, I knew that my weight was not just a number on the scale, it was an emotional weight, a chain around my neck. 

I  lived more than 20 years fighting the scale, in a secret battle with the scale. Two decades in a self-punishment mode, to force my body to lose weight. But it didn’t only damage my mental health, it also kept me sinking deeper into emotional eating.

After that disappointment, the endless war with my weight, I decided to learn to accept myself the way I am.

I didn’t know that BODY-ACCEPTANCE was the needle-mover for long-lasting healthy weight.

I shifted my mindset from following a restrictive diet in order to meet society’s fake standards, which always push us towards body shame. And instead, I started a journey of self-love. Being comfortable with my imperfection.

I started eating for the sake of nourishment.

I started exercising for the sake of my health.

I started shifting my mindset from Losing

Losing my self-esteem,

Losing my emotional health!

To finally winning,

Winning my self-confidence,

Winning my self-esteem,

Winning my social life,

And definitely winning my physical health

Self-acceptance! It’s ridiculous how one word can finally transform your life.

And I was finally comfortable with my imperfection. I wished someone had taught me this before. It would have saved me from wasting two decades fighting my weight.

Self-acceptance has literally changed my life. I was able to break free from my abusive relationship with food, break the chains around my neck.

I was empowered to liberate myself from binge eating for good.

Now, after wasting 20 years desperately yo-yo dieting, I finally have reached my healthiest body ever. I have overcome my physical illness and reversed my physical age by building consistent healthy habits based mainly on self-love.

And I want you to know that if I can make it, you can do too.

Our past doesn’t determine our future unless we allow it to.

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