Too good to be true?

Ever wondered why so many people when offered a solution to their problems often say ‘It’s too good to be true’?  What do you notice about people who choose to live their lives this way?

People who are in the habit of saying ‘It’s too good to be true’ are absolutely right.  The truth is, it’s not the solution that is too good to be true it is the fact that the solution is too good to be their truth.  They may have never experienced an abundance of joy, health, wealth or happiness before.  So, is it any wonder that when a solution to their problem is offered, they are unable to envisage a positive outcome in their own lives?  Is it any wonder that they feel undeserving of the possible rewards?

Stop for a moment.  Think about what you really want.  Is it too good to be your truth?  When we share our dreams with these people, they will be the first to let you know that it can’t be done.  They will go into every detail about someone who tried and failed and why hoping for such things is an impossibility.  It would be better if you had a good look at this person’s advice before letting their voice sink too deeply into your mind.  Make an observation; what have they achieved?  When was the last time they actually took action on the things they continuously complain about?

Imagine if your child or a young person were to share their dreams, aspirations and goals with a person like this, would you want them to give the same advice? 

You see, there is a label for people like this, they are called dream stealers.  They are usually the ones who show up just as you’re about take that courageous step forward that will improve your life.  They openly dismiss your ideas and projects as doomed fantasies. 

Thankfully there were and still are people out there today who didn’t and don’t buy into this way of thinking.  We have planes, trains, automobiles, surgical procedures, medicines, technologies, communication and a whole host of inventions because some people were brave enough to ignore the naysayers.

So, if things are really too good to be true, then perhaps we should stop searching for the cure to cancer, the vaccine for Covid-19 and remedies for other terrible diseases.  If things really are too good to be true, perhaps we should give up on love and being kind to one another.  This may sound like a crazy gesture but that’s because it is.

As parents, carers, teachers and people in authority, we must lead by example.  We are usually the first role models a child looks up to.  Will we lead them to a life of gloom or will we help them fill it with a courageous commitment to live up to their full potential?  Let’s all work together to make life so good it has to be true!

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